Flowers Say More Than Words
Caring For Your Flowers



* If flowers arranged in florist's foam, top up with clean water daily, made sure not to overfill.

* Position flowers away from draughts, direct heat and sunlight.  Do not place them on heat generating appliances such as TV and Microwave ovens.

*As some flowers will last longer than other, carefully remove spent blooms,especially if  other flowers in your arrangement are still alive.

 For cut flowers: trim stems diagonally about 2cm from the base proir to placing in clean water.  Take special care remove all leaves that will be under water, as they contain bacteria that may quickly proliferate and spoil the water. Change the water reguarly.   Use of floral perservative will  extend  the life of of flowers 

*For Lilies:

   Please remove all exposed stamens as they can permanently stain clothing & other materials

* For Rose:

If a rose should wilt, remove from arrangement or bouquet, re-cut stem under water at an angle and submerge the entire rose in warm water.  It should revise in two hours

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